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Tank Tops

Model: DABT0002
This Ribbed knit high back style was waxed and dyed in our studio using direct application technique.100% Ribbed Cotton. Texture Stretchy. Size SLength 28. Burst 25. Weight 2.4 oz..
Ex Tax:$45.00
Model: BIMBD 000001
This Batik handmade one-of-a-kind dress was designed, wax and dyed in our studio using traditional batik technique on a 100% cotton.Easy fitting top. Works well with leggings, shorts, jeans or a skirts.Socked length 5.5 inches.Texture---Crepe. Size-- Medium.Length 20. 5 inches. Strap--17 inches..
Ex Tax:$58.00
Model: DABT 0003
This ribbed knit high back was wax and dyed in our studio using direct application batik technique.95% cotton. 5% spandex.Texture---Stretch.Size---XL.Length 30 inches.Burst 30 inches in it's relaxed state...
Ex Tax:$45.00
Model: BIMT0005
his Top was designed, waxed, and dyed in our studios using traditional Batik methods.100% fine jersey knitTexture is stretchy.Back rolled into a web design.Size; MLength; 19".Medium; 47".Loose. Ideal on active wear...
Ex Tax:$38.00
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