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Model: Batiste Cotton Shirt
Batise Cotton Shirt Color: Yellow , Blue, Green,Towards creating the direct application products displayed on this site much time and effort is taken to assure that the quality is high and reflects the desired high level of craftsmanship. The following are the procedures in the order as applied:1. D..
Ex Tax:$90.00
Model: bcs001
Size: L Colors: Hot Pink, & Prussian Blue..
Ex Tax:$90.00
Model: N001
This Top was designed, waxed, and dyed in our batik studio.100% Rayon Contrast with 95% Nylon net and 5% Spandex.Color ; Olive Green -- Primary. Peach--Secondary.Size ; Small. ( Lose) ..
Ex Tax:$55.00
Model: Omo-Ni-O-Sin-Mi
Omo Ni O Sin Mi top was designed, waxed, and dyed in our studios using traditional batik methods.100% Rayon.Color: Olive and OrangeSize: LargeLength: 19" with 19" Extra belt added to the Elegance.Burst: 40"Outfit had gone through several washing. Ranging from removal of Wax to final washing...
Ex Tax:$60.00
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